We know how important it is for every insurer and client we work with to have ready available data to improve the customer journey and claims process. We value your customers as much as you do, so we are always looking to the future and constantly adapting to how we can use the data we have to improve the overall experience when using our services.....

We use the latest custom-built technology and software to monitor all types of claims we handle, so if the claim is the theft/loss of a phone or a laptop that has fallen in the bath we have the answers readily available to you. We understand that insurers and clients value data transparency, be it regarding customer satisfaction, repair statistics or lead-times so we are continuously looking at ways to increase transparency and keep our clients in the know when it comes to events such as changes in the supply chain or other factors that may impact the claim process. Ultimately you can trust HAAC Ltd. to have the answer to all questions easily available to you, before you need to ask them.

Our bespoke online portal which can be accessed here (https://www.haacltd.com/user) provides real-time communication so you know what is going on with any claim at any time.

We are also aware that the way customers want to access the latest status of their claim is constantly changing, be it via social media or other platforms. So your customer can contact us via whatever medium is best for them for example via Twitter, Online Chat via the website, Facebook, WhatsApp or….carrier pigeon…..

Thanks for taking the time to read this!